If you use wordress you can see wordpress display many notices in the admin area.These notices are about errors, updated settings, required actions, and so forth.Most of the notices are display by the wordpress but it is upto the plugins and theme to provide a custom notices that are required and important to know.Yes you can also display the notices in the wordpress admin area.Today i am going to explain you about all the notices you can display in the wordpress admin.
Types Of Notices
generally there are four types of notices.

WordPress notices WordPress notices WordPress notices WordPress notices

You just need to call a hook for this.In wordpress admin_notices is available to handle notices

add_action( 'admin_notices', 'Codingbin_Error_Notice' );

Now you need to create a function to handle these errors

function Codingbin_Error_Notice(){
// your logic goes here
// this is a success message
<?php if(!empty($BX_GOOGLE_MAPS)): ?>
<div class='notice notice-success is-dismissible'>
<?php _e('Congratulations, you did it!', 'Codingbin'); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Here are some examples to give you a better idea:
WordPress notices

  • updated – displays message with a green border
  • error – displays message with a red border
  • update-nag – displays message with a yellow border

Class dismissed
In the example markup provided in the previous section, notice the class, is-dismissible included in the outer

element. This class is what makes the admin notice “dismissible”, so that users can click a small “x” button to remove the message.When the is-dismissible class is included, WordPress automically adds the markup used to display the “x” (dismiss) button.

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